The Quest For Autonomy

The Quest For Autonomy

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The Quest For Autonomy - The Evolution of Brazil's Role on International System 1964-1985

Andrew Hurrell’s doctorate thesis on Brazilian foreign policy, defended at Oxford, in 1986, allies the finesse of a creative political scientist and the skill of an accomplished historian as it analyses relations with the US while Brazil was under the military regime. His conclusions deserve to be regarded as a reference to all balanced inquiries into the central goals of Brazilian foreign policy, as Gelson Fonseca Jr points out in an elegant Foreword that shows how Hurrell combined his aptitude as a theorist and a sharp eye for international dynamics to reach a diagnosis that still provides a key to understanding the complexities of the diplomatic game.

Autor Andrew James Hurrell
Editor Funag
Assunto 1.Governo militar (1964-1985) - política externa. 2. História diplomática-Brasil.3.Política externa - Brasil - Estados Unidos. I. Título.II.Série.
Ano de edição 2014
Número de páginas 470
ISBN 9788576314592
Fundação Alexandre de Gusmão
Esplanada dos Ministérios - Ministério das Relações Exteriores - Anexo II, Bloco H, Térreo
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