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The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG), instituted by Law 5.717 of October 26 1971, is a public foundation linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whose basic objectives are:

  • to organize and to promote cultural and educational activities in the areas of international relations and Brazilian diplomatic history;
  • to conduct and promote studies and research initiatives on problems pertaining to international relations;
  • to increase awareness of Brazilian foreign policy in its general aspects;
  • to contribute to the formation in Brazil of a public opinion sensitive to the problems of international coexistence;
  • to support the preservation of the Brazilian diplomatic memory; and
  • to develop other activities compatible with its purposes and statutes.

FUNAG’s main objectives, thus, are to hold debates and disseminate knowledge about Brazilian foreign policy, international relations issues and Brazilian diplomatic history, especially in order to forming public opinion on themes of the contemporary international agenda.

FUNAG’s digital library contains more than 740 publications available for free download in different formats. Check it here.

Organizational Structure


List of FUNAG's Presidents

Minister Roberto Goidanich 11/03/2019 - today
Ambassador Sérgio Eduardo Moreira Lima 31/01/2014 - 17/11/2018
 Ambassador José Vicente de Sá Pimentel 05/06/2012 - 31/01/2014
 Ambassador Gilberto Vergne Saboia 31/01/2011 - 17/05/2012
Ambassador José Jeronimo Moscardo de Souza 24/03/2006 - 08/11/2010
Ambassador Maria Stela Pompeu Brasil Frota 09/03/2005 a 24/03/2006
Ambassador Thereza Maria Machado Quintella 28/11/2001 a 09/03/2005
Counselor Maria Lucy Gurgel Valente de Seixas Corrêa 29/03/2000 - 15/03/2001 / 01/09/2001 - 27/11/2001
Ambassador André Mattoso Maia Amado 16/03/2001 - 31/08/2001
Ambassador Alvaro da Costa Franco Filho 26/03/1998 - 28/03/2000
Ambassador João Clemente Baena Soares 16/01/1995 - 25/03/1998
Ambassador Gelson Fonseca Junior 13/11/1992 - 16/01/1995
Ambassador Synésio Sampaio Goes Filho 28/07/1992 - 13/11/1992
Ambassador Paulo Tarso Flecha de Lima 1987 - 1992
Ambassador Marcos Castrioto de Azambuja 1985 - 1987
Ambassador Wladimir do Amaral Murtinho 1981 - 1984


FUNAG has two singular units: the International Relations Research Institute (IPRI) and the Center of Diplomatic History and Documentation (CHDD).



Founded in 1987, the International Relations Research Institut (IPRI) is an organ of FUNAG that has the following purposes:

  • develop and disseminate studies and research on topics related to international relations;
  • promote the collection and systematization of documents related to its field of activity;
  • foster scientific exchange with national and foreign counterparts;
  • to hold courses, conferences, seminars and symposiums in the area of international relations.

IPRI works to foster the channels of dialogue between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the academic community on topics of interest to Brazilian foreign policy.



Created in 2002, the Center of Diplomatic History and Documentation (CHDD) is an organ of FUNAG that has the following purposes:

  • to promote and disseminate studies and research on Brazil's diplomatic history and international relations;
  • to create and disseminate research tools, encourage and promote the publication of books and periodicals on topics within its competence;
  • to promote academic activities in the field of Brazilian diplomatic history.

CHDD has been responsible for researching and publishing books that bring to light primary documentation, an invaluable source for researchers and academics. The CHDD conducts research, mainly from the documents deposited in the Historical Archive and in the Itamaraty Mapoteca in Rio de Janeiro, which contain the richest documentary collection on Brazil’s diplomatic history. The Archive has official correspondence from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the Empire until the transfer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Brasília in 1970.

The Center publishes, every six months, the “Cadernos do CHDD”, which bring to light research carried out in the archives of Itamaraty. Special editions of the “Cadernos” dedicated to specific themes are also organized under the coordination of members of the academy.


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