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brazil in numbers

The information made available here was taken from the official website of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). In case you want to learn more, access IBGE’s official website.


A passport to get to know Brazil


capa passaporte para conhecer o brasil


Folder with IBGE information on Brazil.

Access the folder in Portuguese.

Access the folder in English.

Access the folder in Spanish.


Brazil in figures


capa brasil em numeros


A publication edited annually by IBGE with information that deepens our knowledge of important aspects of the Brazilian reality. It is a valuable instrument of consult and a basis for analyses and planning in several different spheres. Each topic approached received contribution from specialists who stand out in the field, who enrich and highlight the data, graphs, and tables presented with their comments. (excerpt from the publication’s presentation)

Access the publication available in Portuguese and English here.




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