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Launch of the “CHDD Journals no. 34”

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The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG) has published the 34th edition of the “CHDD Journals”, a magazine edited by its Center for History and Diplomatic Documentation (CHDD).

This issue includes correspondence from the Brazilian legation in Montevideo between 1834 and 1837; from the Brazilian Embassy in Lisbon between 1937 and 1942; and from the Brazilian Consulate in Luanda between 1857 and 1860.

The documents from Montevideo are useful in understanding the political situation in the region and the relations of the new Uruguayan state with the Ragamuffin War. Together with the series of documents published in the “Journals” since issue 31, Manoel de Almeida Vasconcellos’s mission in Montevideo paints a panorama of the developments in the processes which reconfigured the opposing political forces in the River Plate basin from the 1830s onward.

The correspondence between the Embassy in Lisbon and the State Secretariat for Foreign Affairs contains information on the evolution of the behavior of the Portuguese New State, under Antônio de Oliveira Salazar, regarding the Spanish civil war and the beginning of the war in Europe. The documentation also shows aspects of the Brazil-Portugal relations and the consequences of the war for bilateral relations.

The set of documents from the Consulate in Luanda brings to light the communications between doctor Saturnino de Sousa e Oliveira, Brazilian Consul in Luanda, and the headquarters of the imperial chancellery in Rio de Janeiro. The records presented in this edition reveal little-known episodes of the political, economic and social relations between Brazil and the Portuguese colonies in Africa in the mid-19th century.

Download the new edition of the “CHDD Journals” free of charge at FUNAG’s digital library.    

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