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“Diplomatic Paths” lecture with ambassador José Botafogo Gonçalves

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG), its Institute for Research on International Relations (IPRI) and the Rio Branco Institute (IRBr) held, on July 12, 2019, the “Diplomatic Paths” lecture and debate, with Ambassador José Botafogo Gonçalves, former Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Tourism and former Ambassador to Buenos Aires.

In his lecture, ambassador Botafogo recalled some remarkable facts during his career with Itamaraty, which began in 1959. He was head of several sections in the State Secretariat, among which was the Undersecretariat for Matters of Economic Integration and Foreign Trade. In 1985, he became Vice President of External Relations at the World Bank, in Washington.

The event was hosted by the Director of IRBr, Ambassador Gisela Maria Figueiredo Padovan; the Director of IPRI, Ambassador Maria Stela Pompeu Brasil Frota; and the President of FUNAG, Minister Roberto Goidanich.

Watch the complete lecture and the debates (Portuguese only).

Photos: Ricardo Padue. 

You can find more photos of the event at our Flickr.

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