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Lecture “International Law in Brazil”

On the occasion of the centennial Bulletin of the Brazilian Society of International Law (SBDI), the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG) and its International Relations Research Institute (IPRI) held the lecture “The International Law in Brazil” with Itamaraty’s legal counselor, George Galindo, and with professor Wagner Menezes, from the International Relations Department of the University of São Paulo (USP), on April 26, at the Rio Branco Institute (IRBr) in Brasilia.

FUNAG’s president, ambassador Sergio Eduardo Moreira Lima (read the speech) was at the table, along with IPRI’s director, minister Paulo Roberto de Almeida and IRBr’s deputy director-general, minister Sergio Barreiros.

The lecturers talked about the relevance of International Law discipline at the academy in order to increase awareness on the themes relating to the countries’ foreign and domestic policies, for example, in the promotion of the Human Rights. Watch the video.

Ambassador Moreira Lima highlighted the role of International Law in the history of the Brazilian diplomacy and the FUNAG’s contribution to the understanding and significance of the subject, through publications of books, as the recently published “Os Princípios do Direito Internacional Contemporâneo”, and “The Universal Obligation of Nuclear Disarmament”, both by the judge Cançado Trindade.

The works are available for free download on FUNAG’s Digital Library.

Diplomats, other authorities, and students also participated in the event.

Photos: Arapuã Brito.

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