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Institutional FUNAG

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG), established by law 5.717 of October 26 1971, is a public foundation linked to the Ministry of External Relations. Its basic objectives are:

1. to organize and promote cultural and educational activities in the areas of international relations and Brazilian diplomatic history;
2. to organize and promote studies and research initiatives on problems pertaining to international relations;
3. to increase awareness of Brazilian foreign policy in its general aspects;
4. to contribute to a better public understanding of international issues;
5. to support the preservation of the Brazilian diplomatic memory; and
6. to develop other activities compatible with its purposes and statutes.

Funag has two units: the Institute for Research on International Relations (IPRI) and the Center for History and Diplomatic Documentation (CHDD).

As a result of such initiatives developed by Funag, it is possible to highlight:

publishing and re-publishing of books about Brazilian diplomatic history and foreign policy, as well as issues about international relations of great importance for Brazil’s diplomacy;
compilation of texts in order to foster debates at seminars, conferences and courses promoted by Funag;
publishing of theses and dissertations from the Rio Branco Institute and Courses of High Studies, elaborated by diplomats on their improvement courses;
free download of the publications edited by Funag, through its website;
organization of courses for foreign diplomats.

In brief, the main objective of Funag is the organization of debates and the dissemination of knowledge on Brazilian foreign policy, issues of external relations and Brazilian diplomatic history, especially in order to the formation of public opinion about the great issues of today’s international agenda.

See Funag’s institutional folder.

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