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Speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Ernesto Araújo, at the opening of the Brazil-China High-Level Business Seminar*

A very good morning to all.

Mr. President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro; Mr. Hu Chunhua, Vice-Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of China, on whose behalf I greet all of the Chinese officials present here; ministers of the Brazilian government; members of Congress; Mr. Governor of the state of Acre; dear friends, ladies and gentlemen.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome all here to this conference, which demonstrates the common drive for us to expand the economic partnership between Brazil and China. We consider of fundamental importance the opinion, experience, ideas and dynamism of Brazilian and Chinese entrepreneurs for us to build the Brazil-China partnership in the way it deserves and in the way both societies expect from us, so as to generate jobs, generate income, generate growth, generate economic dynamism. That is why today Brazilian and Chinese enterprises will present here success stories of business between Brazil and China, bringing us not only concrete examples of things that work, but also the paths we can follow together to fully embrace the opportunities opening up between our productive sectors.

President Jair Bolsonaro’s government is opening the Brazilian economy to the world and stimulating business and investment. We will embrace the full potential of the Brazilian economy, removing the obstacles to trade and the barriers to competition which limit our potential for growth. We will also better integrate Brazil into the global economy and the global value chains. We are already doing this. We are recovering lost time in transforming Brazil in a center with a much firmer, much more decisive presence. One essential dimension of this effort is attracting investment to Brazil, which is already being facilitated through the reduction of bureaucracy, through our robust investment programs. The Brazilian government thus grants special importance to attracting investment for strategic infrastructure projects, in the scope of the Program for Partnerships and Investments (PPI), which relies on direct support not only from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but from practically all the agencies in the Brazilian government, several of them represented here. It is essential to say, to repeat, that today the Brazilian government works as a team; here we have several ministers of the Brazilian government, here we have the Chief of Staff Minister, for instance, who coordinates the Program for Partnerships and Investments, the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Mines and Energy, the Minister of the Institutional Security Office, all working in unison to develop and embrace these opportunities which are arising.

In the case of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we are very committed both to the agenda of economic openness and to the agenda of investment promotion, including through the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brazil), which we are re-dynamizing (I would like to greet the President of Apex-Brazil, Sergio Segovia, who is present with us today), so that we can have a determining presence here in China for the construction of these new partnerships. We expect new Chinese investments, not only in infrastructure. Since yesterday, we have been witnessing opportunities in creative economy, for instance, in the areas of innovation, of logistics. We are increasingly enthusiastic with the possibilities of this partnership and we also consider of fundamental importance the presence of Chinese investment in the sectors of oil, gas, and renewable energies, another fundamental dimension of our interaction. We want Chinese investment in new areas, such as oil refining and transportation of gas, among other areas of importance to business between Brazil and China. We want more tourists from China in Brazil, we are working fast, as the President of the Republic has announced, working fast to fully facilitate the access of Chinese tourists and businessmen and businesswomen to Brazil. We consider this to be a frontier which is opening itself with huge possibilities for both countries, the area of tourism. Also in sport, that is an area with a natural ease of interchange between Brazil and China, not only due to the economic opportunities for investment in sport this generates, but also due to the decisive dimension of contact between both societies.

Another fundamental aspect is that Brazil can contribute immensely to food security in China. In the last decades, Brazil has developed a capacity to harmonize agricultural production and environmental preservation, maintaining itself simultaneously as one of the countries which most protect their native vegetation and one of the largest food producing countries in the world. More than 60% of the Brazilian territory is covered in native vegetation, with agricultural and livestock activities limited to approximately 30% of the territory, with only 8% for agricultural activity, which gives an idea of Brazil’s enormous potential in this area and of the prospects for complementarity with China. We hope that an increasing number of Chinese people can have access to the products of our agribusiness, produced in a sustainable manner, and that China can also contribute to the correct perception of the quality and sustainability of the Brazilian agricultural sector.

The entrepreneurs present here can talk directly during the specific agribusiness meeting, as well as attending a panel with the Brazilian Minister of Agriculture and the institutions for research in agriculture and livestock. In conclusion, I wish you all an excellent business journey and I hope we can use this event to deepen our mutual knowledge, our mutual interaction on the several sectors of the Brazilian and Chinese economies.

The Brazilian government, as well as, I am certain, the Chinese government, are fully committed to creating all the conditions so that this magnificent Chinese and Brazilian business community can increasingly become the driving force for the new partnership, business growth and economic growth for both countries.

Thank you very much.


* Non-official translation. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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