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Open registrations to presentation-debate with Ambassador Sergio Florencio

rotativo 1 Poltica Externa

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG) and the Institute for Research on International Relations (IPRI) have opened registrations to the presentation-debate “Brazilian foreign policy in the international context: 1987-2017” with Ambassador Sergio Florencio, on 2 June, at 3 p.m. at the Paulo Nogueira Batista Auditorium, annex II, Itamaraty Palace.

The lecture will be about chapter “Política Externa” (Foreign Policy) of the book “O Brasil no contexto 1987-2017” (Brazil in the 1987-2017 context), edited by Jaime Pinsky (São Paulo: Contexto, 2017). The essay approaches issues of Brazilian re-democratization and foreign policy; the diplomacies of the successive presidents of the new Republic; the Fernando Henrique Cardoso administration’s economic reform; the transformations under President Lula’s administration; and the political and economic decline of Dilma Rousseff’s term in office.

Registrations are open until 12 p.m. this Friday, 2 June. There are limited seats available and certificates of participation will be provided to those who are interested. Click here and register!

Sergio Florencio

Sergio Florencio is currently the director of economic studies and relations and international policies at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA). He holds an undergraduate degree in economic sciences from the University of the State of Guanabara (UEG), now named University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ). He graduated the diplomatic career preparation course at the Rio Branco Institute (1970). He is a master in Economics from the University of Ottawa and has vast experience in international economy, economic development and international relations. He was a first-class minister of Itamaraty and has been on a number of diplomatic missions since 1971, from which the following can be highlight: his time as Ambassador of Brazil to the United Mexican States (Mexico), in 2008; Alternate Representative of the Permanent Delegation of Brazil in Geneva (Switzerland), in 2006; and Ambassador of Brazil to the Republic of Ecuador, in 2002.



Theme:Brazilian foreign policy in the international context, 1987-2017

Lecturer:Ambassador Sergio Florencio

Venue: Paulo Nogueira Batista Auditorium, Itamaraty Palace, Annex II, Brasilia – DF

Date:2 June, at 3 p.m.

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