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FUNAG book was theme of debate commemorating 30 years of ABC

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation’s (FUNAG) recent publication “30 anos da ABC: Visões da Cooperação Técnica Internacional Brasileira” (30 Years of ABC: Views of the Brazilian International Technical Cooperation) was the theme of a round-table on occasion of the 30 years of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) – an agency that integrates the structure of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Held on 26 May, the meeting was mediated by the president of ABC, Ambassador João Almino, and the president of FUNAG, Ambassador Sérgio Moreira Lima, and saw the participation of collaborators who had their articles included in the publication. The participants highlighted the agency’s contribution to the change in Brazil’s profile, from a receiving country to provider of international technical assistance.

Edited by Ambassadors João Almino and Moreira Lima, the book brings a reflection on the trajectory of the agency, thus enriching the evaluation of the relevance of international technical cooperation to foreign policy and the three decades of the agency’s existence.

The book is available for free download on FUNAG’s digital library.

Photos: Marcelo Guimarães

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