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FUNAG publishes the book “Do Rio de Janeiro a Istambul”

rotativo Do Rio Istambul

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG) releases the book “Do Rio de Janeiro a Istambul: contrastes e conexões entre o Brasil e o Império Otomano (1850 -1919)” [From Rio de Janeiro to Istanbul: contrasts and connections between Brazil and the Ottoman Empire (1850-1919)], written by PhD holder in History, Politics and Cultural Assets, Monique Sochaczewski.

The book, which is part of the “Relações Internacionais” collection, is a historical research that is absolutely unprecedented in the annals of Brazilian academic literature. Its focus is on the ways Brazil (first the Empire, then, the Republic) and the Ottoman Empire acted diplomatically in order to insert themselves autonomously in the international system, in the period from 1850 until the constitution of the League of Nations in 1919. It was a phase unequivocally dominated by the colonial European empires and was progressively marked with the slow international ascension of the US.

The book is available for free download on FUNAG’s digital library.

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