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Professor of Waseda University, Shujiro Urata, delivers lecture-debate on “Japan’s Economic Recovery and Regional Integration in the Asia-Pacific”, in FUNAG’s auditorium

Funag Prof Shijiro Urata 92

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG) and the Institute for Research on International Relations (IPRI) held a lecture-debate on “Japan’s Economic Recovery and Regional Integration in the Asia-Pacific”, with professor of Waseda University, Shujiro Urata, on 16 March in the Paulo Nogueira Batista Auditorium. Minister Maria Izabel Vieira, Director of the Department for East Asia, Counselor Marco Túlio Cabral, Coordinator-General of IPRI, and the President of FUNAG participated in the table.

At that seminar, Prof. Urata spoke comprehensively about Japan’s current economic situation, including its low economic growth and the lack of demand (low consumption and investment). Still regarding the economic scenario, the university professor expressed his views about the country’s future economic prospects and critically analyzed some of the country’s structural problems: the decline and aging of the population, the rise of the public debt, low productivity, decline in the saving rate, etc.

On the other hand, the economist highlighted the challenges to reach economic growth, such as the rise in productivity and the growth of economic interaction with Asian countries (trade, investment, foreign capital). He also pointed out that one of the solutions is to implement new structures of global economic insertion and, if need be, arrange to get a new partnership agreement in the Pacific area.

The second subject discussed by the professor was the large economic growth and regional economic integration in the Asia-Pacific. On that topic, Urata spoke about foreign direct investment and the expansion of the trade of parts and components in a vast array of industries. Finally, he discussed the issue of Japan’s foreign economic policy in the Asia-Pacific region, also approaching aspects of export infrastructure, productive chains, and how to attract foreign tourists.

Access all of the slides presented by the university professor.

Shujiro Urata

Shujiro Urata has a PhD in Economics from Stanford University, with a specialization in international and development economics. Before his current position in the graduate school program at the Waseda University, in Tokyo, he worked for five years as an economist at the World Bank and as a researcher for Brookings Institution, both in Washington.

Among his main publications, some of the highlights are: “Economic Consequences of Globalization: Evidence from East Asia”, “World Scientific” (2012), and “Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific” (2010). More information on Professor Urata is available here.

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