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V Foreign Relations Conference - CORE



The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation (FUNAG), in partnership with the University of Amazonia (UNAMA) held the V Foreign Relations Conference (CORE) from 9 to 11 November 2016 at UNAMA’s Ananindeua Campus, in Belem. In this edition, the CORE panels’ focus was on “Brazil and the Trends in the International Scenario”.

The President of FUNAG, Ambassador Sérgio Eduardo Moreira Lima, opened the sessions and delivered the main lecture “Brazilian Foreign Policy”. The Vice-Dean of UNAMA, Professor Maria Betânia Fidalgo Arroyo also shared welcoming words with the conference participants.   Participating in the opening table were: Professor William Monteiro Rocha, Coordinator of the International Relations Course (UNAMA); Professor Larissa Steiner Chermont, International Relations Coordinator of the Government of the State of Pará; Professor João Janguiê Bezerra Diniz (UNAMA); and Professor Mário Tito Barros Almeida, Director of the Center for Human and Social Sciences (UNAMA).

On the first day, the Conference was divided into two panels. The first was “Peace and Security: conflict resolution”, moderated by Professor Félix Geraldo Ibarra Prieto (UNAMA), and it included Professor Lucas Pereira Rezende (UFSC); Counselor Christiano Sávio Barros Figueirôa, Head of the Division for Peace and International Security of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Professor Marcelo Mello Valença (UERJ).

Moderated by Professor José Gilberto Quintero Torres (UNAMA), the theme of the second panel was “International relations in South America”. The participants in the table were Minister Michel Arslanian Neto, Director of the Department for Regional Economic Integration Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ambassador Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita, Undersecretary General for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Professor Felipe Cordeiro de Almeida (UNILA); and Professor Augusto Wagner Menezes Teixeira Júnior (UFPB).

The third table, “Trade and Investment: Challenges and Opportunities”, held on 10 November, was moderated by Professor Mayane Bento (UNAMA). The panel’s table was composed of Professor Patrícia Nasser de Carvalho (UFMG); Professor José Augusto Guilhon de Albuquerque, Special Adviser to the Presidency of Apex-Brasil; Minister Colbert Soares Pinto Junior, Chief of Cabinet of the Undersecretary General of Cooperation, Culture, and Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Counselor Paula Aguiar Barboza, Head of the Division for Trade Negotiations with Europe and North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Professor Maria Antonieta Del Tedesco Lins (USP).

“Sustainable Development and the Environment: the importance of the Amazon” was the theme of the fourth panel. Moderated by Professor Mário Amin Miguel Herreros (UNAMA), the table consisted of Professor Matheus Hoffmann Pfrimer (UFG); Counselor Paulo José Chiarelli Vicente de Azevedo, Adviser of the Department for Environmental and Special Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Professor Denise Vitale (UFBA).

On the event’s last day, the panel “FUNAG 45 Years: The Democratization of Knowledge of International Relations” was moderated by Minister Paulo Roberto de Almeida, Director of the Institute for Research on International Relations – IPRI. The President of FUNAG, Ambassador Sérgio Eduardo Moreira Lima was at the table with former presidents of the Foundation and former IPRI directors, such as Ambassadors Gelson Fonseca Junior; Synesio Sampaio Goes Filho; Carlos Henrique Cardim; Jeronimo Moscardo de Souza, former Minister of Culture; and former Secretary General of Itamaraty and OEA, Ambassador João Clemente Baena Soares, born in Belem, PA, who donated his personal library to the International Relations course at UNAMA and was strongly applauded – to the point of being emotional – at the end of his speech. Ambassador Moreira Lima also delivered the closing speech of the event that honored the 45 years of the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation, reminding the audience of those who contributed to the creation, development, and consolidation of FUNAG. 

Access the program and watch the videos of the Conference broadcast.

Access the full opening speech and the lecture “Brazilian Foreign Policy” by Ambassador Moreira Lima.

Photos: Íngrid Albuquerque/Higor Gomes


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