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FUNAG releases “O Brasil e as Restrições às Exportações”

1171 Capa Reduzida O Brasil e as restricoes as exportacoes FINAL

The Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation has published “O Brasil e as Restrições às Exportações”, written by Diplomat Andréa Saldanha da Gama Watson. The book is part of the “Curso de Altos Estudos” collection.

The book analyzes restrictions on exports and their implications to world trade in general, and particularly to Brazil. The author highlights that resorting to restriction on exports has been increasingly more frequent, especially in developing countries. This brings the attention of analysts and scholars of the Multilateral Trade System as it does cause certain concern, given the consequences for world trade.

The book is available for free download on FUNAG’s website and can also be purchased on the virtual store or at the Foundation’s promotional stand, located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Annex II, in Brasilia.

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